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Fix & Flip Joint Venture Program

 Our model is a Wholesale Join Venture Partnership with you for 50% of the profits. We will partner with you to purchase, remodel and then re-sell investment properties in anticipation of making a profit.

  • We will handle the Bidding and Acquisition, Remodeling and Resale of the investment property.
  • You, the passive investor, is responsible for 100% of the acquisition, remodel, and holding costs. Upon resale of the property, the profits are shared 50% - 50%,  and YOU get paid first!

*Total aquisition costs usually range from $150K to $350K depending on the investment property. If you do not have the entire amount available, we can partner you with private lenders or other passive investors to facilitate the purchase.


  • We'll keep you informed and in the loop along the life of the BUY-FIX-FLIP process
  • With expanded property details and auction updates
  • Providing you Real-time MLS and Broker Price Opinion data
  • Valuation calculators and notes
  • Detailed county property appraiser assessments and information
  • Updated areal map & street view reports

*Our team consists of licensed Mortgage and RE Brokers and Agents. We are all well seasoned investors and advisory experts with the experience and credibility to make informed and profitable real estate investments with you as our money partner.

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